Digital Commerce

The Ultimate Checkout Experience

The Only Commerce Solution You’ll Ever Need

Selling products or services online? Our highly configurable cart and flexible purchase options will help you improve conversion rates.
Set up is quick and easy, and doesn’t require design skills or dependence on your IT specialist.

Choose the Cart that Suits Your Objectives

Leverage a hosted cart or integrate our API interface within your website,
depending on what works best for you.


Our extensive ordering engine comes with a rich gallery built on shopping-cart best practices, and each template can be used off-the-shelf or can be further customized. With a seamless look and feel, optimized purchase flows and deep localization, hosted carts are poised to increase shoppers’ conversion rates, at the global level. Our hosted cart has a responsive design.

Sell Smart with a Smart Ordering Interface

OK1Dollar t uses real-time Geo-IP detection to provide global customers with a relevant buying experience, empowering you to provide your shoppers with the localized buying experience they expect.
Regional pricing for specific markets will improve your conversions.

Keep testing for an optimized buyer journey

With our easy-to-use platform tools, you’ll be able to refine and optimize the shopper’s purchasing journey. Use the platform’s built-in A/B testing to improve conversion rates on nearly any point you need, from the layout of your carts and purchase flows, to promotions or email communications.
Our team is also ready to help with advanced optimization, whenever you need it.

Improve Revenue and AOV With Marketing and Merchandising Tools

  • Promotions
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Cross- and up-selling
  • Bundling
  • Upgrades and downgrades
  • Freemium and trials
  • Unfinished payments or abandoned carts recovery

Plus: Track each with distinct campaign reports!


Sell Any Product, Any Model, Via Any Channel

Digital goods, software, SaaS, any model-one-off, freemium, trials, subscriptions and more

  • Advanced capabilities for software and digital goods
  • Sell via affiliates or distributors and resellers, via multiple touchpoints

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