Fonts For OfficeSuite By OK 1 Dollar Is An Add-On For The Popular OfficeSuite App

App giving you access to over 900 fonts, so that you can view documents the way they’re meant to be seen!

OfficeSuite comes with a few fonts by default, but you need external font packs like this one to view and edit with other fonts. Download Fonts for OfficeSuite and as well as fonts from the official Office Suite font pack, you’ll gain access to over 900 others. That should satisfy your appetite!

With over 900 fonts to choose from, you might not be able to fit them all on your device. That’s why you can take each font for a spin to see how it looks before downloading onto your device. We’d call it to try before you buy, but that wouldn’t be accurate – there aren’t any additional costs after downloading the app, so each font is free to download.

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