Reporting Analytics

Accelerate Your Business Insights

Instant Access to Reports on All Aspects of Your Online Business

Your Commerce Dashboard

We provide instant insights into sales and trends as well as customer health metrics, overall or at the business unit level. You’ll be able to compare similar periods in seconds, drill down by market or channel – online direct, partners, or affiliates – and assess your business performance and identify areas for improvement.

Check the Pulse of Your Business through Pre-configured and Customizable Reports

OK1Dollar lets you monitor the pulse of your business instantly. Executive, financial, marketing, and subscription-related reports are available out of the box, and you can always dive deeper into your business KPIs with reports that are just a few clicks away. You can also automate report runs and have them shared with you regularly via email, so you can view and save them, or share with your team. Use analytics to understand customer behavior and optimize purchase flows.

Advanced Reporting for Your Subscription Business

Benefit from out-of-the-box reporting for monthly/annual recurring revenue, renewal and churn rate, active customers and subscriptions, and other important metrics. Monitor renewal forecasts and cohorts reporting. Use the OK1Dollar Authorization and Revenue Recovery Dashboard to reduce churn, recapture more revenue, and increase customer lifetime value.

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